To Seal or Not to Seal......... What is the reason ?
The best way to prevent decay in newly erupted Permanent Molars and Pre- Molars is by sealing the deep pits and grooves
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Dental Health Quiz
Adults under 40? Check your dental IQ
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Pregnancy and Dental care:
Healthy Dental Habits to Practice During Pregnancy
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Gum Disease and Diabetes
Learn the relationship between Gum Disease and Diabetes. Controlling inflammation of gums can help in reducing sugar levels. Gum disease is quiet prevalent in Diabetics. Preventive care is very important!  https://www.ada.org/…/Publications/Files/FTDP_July_2013.ashx
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Top 9 Foods That Damage your Teeth:
It is not just candy and soda that is bad for your teeth....... beware of the diet drinks, fruit smoothies, coffee and tea.
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